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Bringing the Application of Behavioral Science to Life

My journey into using psychology to reshape physical space design

by Jennifer Weeks


At BEworks, Jennifer will lead our work on the psychology of physical space design as well as technology use, with a focus on artificial intelligence.

How Can We Help People Incorporate Life and Wellness Changes into Their Treatment Plans?

by Matthias Berkes, PhD


We delve into the research that explores how we can assist individuals in integrating lifestyle and wellness changes into their healthcare plans.

The Future of Work: a Race Towards Social Connection

by Laura Turbay


We explore ways in which workplaces can foster meaningful social connections to combat the prevalent issue of workplace loneliness.

The Fear Factor in Patient Healthcare Adoption

by Laura Turbay


Increasing the adoption of new and proven healthcare treatments by overcoming the emotional barriers of fear and disgust.

Featuring BEworks

by BEworks


Recent BEworks news, press releases, videos, and highlights. Take a quick dive into what we do and the wide-scale impact of our work.

Scarcity Mindset May be Affecting your Financial Decision-Making

by Michelle Hilscher, David R. Lewis, Nathaniel Barr


How scarce resources during times of market volatility and rising inflation can affect our ability to make decisions.

Solving Patient Care Challenges Using a Psychological Approach

by BEworks


In this interview Dan Ariely and Ada Lê talk about the biggest psychological barriers in today’s healthcare system.

5 Reasons Why Your Employees are Feeling Burned Out

by Laura Turbay


From trust to social connection, what are the key elements to reducing burnout in your workforce?

How to Make a Brand 'Stick': The Heinz Ketchup Conundrum

by Laura Turbay


Behavioral science helps illuminate why some brands are stickier than others.

Behavioral Segmentation: A New Approach to Defining your Customers

by Laura Turbay


What is behavioral segmentation and how can it help companies better understand consumer motivation and behavior?

Turning Awareness into Action: The Future of the Sustainability Landscape

by David Thomson


How can companies create sustainability initiatives that go beyond awareness to drive behavior change?

A Psychological Approach to Journey Mapping

by Ian Roberts, Kelly Peters


What is psychological journey mapping, and how can it help you better understand customer decisions?

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