Behavioral Science Applied to

Financial Research

The mission of the BEworks Research Institute is to bring leaders together to tackle the world’s most pressing behavioral challenges. 

The BEworks Research Institute launched in 2021 with the purpose of advancing applied behavioural economics research to support leaders in business, government, and society in solving the most pressing issues of our time.

At the Research Institute, we begin by consulting with industry leaders and member partners to identify the challenges that the society and the economy are facing. Based on these consultations, we conduct primary research studies aimed at answering critical questions and uncovering new insights relevant to the challenges identified.

We believe that equipping business leaders, government officials, and society with evidence-based insights is crucial for a better future. Our research provides valuable perspectives for multiple stakeholders, including firms, policymakers, regulators, consumer groups, and other interested parties. Our approach allows us to conduct more in-depth and rigorous research than any single participant might be able to undertake, and we believe that diverse perspectives strengthen our insights. To ensure our research remains timely and relevant, we convene round-table discussions with key leaders in industry, government, and society. Our research institute is focused on primary research conducted by PhDs with extensive expertise in various domains of behavioral science, economics, and finance. By conducting unbiased and rigorous research, we can deliver credible reports that help reconcile potentially competing perspectives and interests.

Focus for the Research Institute

While there are a host of interesting research questions, the BEworks Research Institute's initial focus is on financial decision-making, with potential topics including:

  • Financial Advice
    What is the value of professional financial advice and why do more people not seek and follow advice?
  • Investment Industry Regulation
    What is the best way to determine suitability when retail investors have difficulty understanding trade-offs and choices?
  • ESG and Socially Responsible Investing
    How can investment managers best respond to their customers’ demands for socially responsible investing?
  • Gender Differences in Financial Decision-making
    How do men and women differ in their investment decision-making and how can we empower women as financial decision-makers?
  • Volatility as the New Normal
    How can we overcome the volatility-triggered biases that prevent people from making more optimal financial decisions?
  • Financial Planning
    How can we overcome the ostrich effect and overconfidence bias so that more people deliberately plan their financial future?
  • Building and Maintaining Trust in a Digital Era
    How can financial institutions build and maintain customer loyalty by fostering trust in their financial decision-making, especially when customer service and interaction are often delivered online?
  • Financial Literacy Strategies for Countering Cybercrime
    How can improving financial literacy help consumers protect themselves from cybercrime?

Recent Research

  • The Value of Behaviorally Informed Financial Advice Study 
  • A Behavioral Lens to Credit in the New Normal

Leadership Team

David R. Lewis, MBA, CFA, PhD President, BEworks Research Institute

David R. Lewis, MBA, CFA, PhD

David R. Lewis, MBA, CFA, PhD President, BEworks Research Institute

Nathaniel Barr, PhD Senior Innovation Advisor

Nathaniel Barr, PhD

Nathaniel Barr, PhD Senior Innovation Advisor

Michelle Hilscher, PhDVice President, Strategy

Michelle Hilscher, PhD

Michelle Hilscher, PhDVice President, Strategy

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