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We harness the power of Behavioral Economics to solve your toughest challenges

BEworks is the world’s first commercial consulting team dedicated to the application of Behavioral Economics to real-world challenges.

Our latest thought leadership

What predicts work-from-home success for employees?

In this newly released whitepaper, we explore the challenges faced by organizational leaders as they look to traverse the complexities of the new WFH environments faced by their employees


BEworks Conversations

  • Featuring exclusive conversations with Kelly Peters & world's leading behavioral scientists

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  • How Behavioral Science can Inform COVID-19 Communication & Polices

    Conversation with
    Dan Ariely

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  • Risk, Liberty, & Scientific Thinking in the Time of COVID-19

    Conversation with
    Cass Sunstein

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  • How Behavioral Science Can, & Should, Be Used in the Context of COVID-19

    Conversation with
    Nina Mazar

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COVID-19 Related News by BEworks

How investors can stay rational in irrational times

Biases end up leading us to sell our portfolios in the face of downturns, to feel like we are taking action against volatility


Ethical leadership at the heart of the COVID-19 crisis

The current COVID-19 pandemic lays bare many related ethical issues


5 ways managers can adapt to the work-from-home-force now

Building trust, creativity, collaboration, connection, and psychological safety for the long-term health of your employees and company is crucial.


Predicting beliefs and helping behaviours in response to COVID

Here, we examine a disposition—willingness to engage in analytic-thinking—that might predict beliefs that the pandemic is a hoax and failures to change behavior in positive ways. Our results indicate that individuals less willing to engage effortful, deliberative, and reflective cognitive processes were more likely to believe the pandemic was a hoax,


Why We Embrace Scientific Thinking

At BEworks, we go beyond providing business strategies by applying the scientific method to provide evidence-based results.

Case Studies

Explore BEworks’ thought-provoking case studies from the front lines of Behavioral Science

Driving Change in Investment Disclosure Practices

How BEworks applied Behavioral Economics to enhance investment fee and performance reporting


Improving Time-of-Use Compliance for Energy Consumption

How BEworks leveraged energy bills as a channel for leveraging Behavioral Economics to improve Time-of-Use compliance in a large scale field study


In-Context™ Method for New Retail Products

How BEworks measured real purchase behavior prior to a product’s release in stores


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