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We understand and change human behavior to create better business and policy outcomes

At the heart of every decision is a person.
As a team of multi-disciplinary experts, we work with
our clients to apply behavioral science to improve
business, policy and human outcomes.

Behavioral science has proven to be an extremely effective means of achieving business and policy aims. Using insights on how humans think, decide, and act can inform nudges and other interventions which can drive desired behaviors.

While this work remains critical, with the world at a turning point, there is urgency in elevating our ambition. A global pandemic has impacted our health, daily lives, the economy, and views on the nature of work. Geopolitical strife and political turmoil are causing both heartache and further disrupting the broader economy. This unfolds as our climate changes and the sustainability of our way of living is questioned.

Given such challenges, we need human-centered and scientifically-informed systems-level change that can help people have better health, more financial security, live more sustainably, and build a workplace of the future that promotes flourishing. Behavioral insights can be used to inform more holistic changes to the systems that govern how we live, work, and connect, and the methods of science can help us ensure the efficacy of our attempts match the importance of our success.

BEworks is committed to creatively collaborating with our clients and interdisciplinary partners on projects that change behavior for the better, both through nudges and interventions in systems that exist, and by facilitating systems-level change that will address humanity’s most pressing challenges.

In the coming weeks we will be transforming our own website to better reflect this mission and provide insights and knowledge that serve our community. We are exciting to share this transformation with the world.

Wardah Malik, CEO

Our Latest Thought Leadership

Partnership with Hellmann’s to reduce household food-waste

BEworks is proud to announce our partnership with Hellmann’s to reduce household food-waste. We launched new interventions to reconceptualize recipe’s into Flexipe’s. The first large-scale, longitudinal study on the challenge resulted in a 30% reduction on household food waste.

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The Value of Behaviorally Informed Financial Advice Study

BEworks and Manulife Investment Management partnered on a study to understand how to encourage more people to seek and follow professional financial advice and achieve better outcomes.

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A Behavioral Lens to Credit in the New Normal

In this report our team identified 5 important trends of credit in the new normal that will offer a crucial tool for institutions seeking to develop a more effective understanding of financial decision-making amongst their stakeholders and clients.

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Case Studies

Explore BEworks’ thought-provoking case studies from the front lines of Behavioral Science

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How BEworks applied Behavioral Economics to enhance investment fee and performance reporting


Improving Time-of-Use Compliance for Energy Consumption

How BEworks leveraged energy bills as a channel for leveraging Behavioral Economics to improve Time-of-Use compliance in a large scale field study


Increasing sales through bundling and pricing strategy

How BEworks measured real purchase behavior prior to a product’s release in stores