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We harness the power of Behavioral Economics to solve your toughest challenges

BEworks is the world’s first commercial consulting team dedicated to the application of Behavioral Economics to real-world challenges.

We announce the appointment of Wardah Malik, formerly chief marketing officer, as the new CEO of BEworks. She will be carrying the vision of the company forward in continuing and further developing the core applications of Behavioral Science.

Wardah joined BEworks as one of its founding members in 2012 and has played an important role in shaping it into the world’s leading behavioral change firm alongside Kelly.

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Our Latest Thought Leadership

Partnership with Hellmann’s to reduce household food-waste

BEworks is proud to announce our partnership with Hellmann’s to reduce household food-waste. We launched new interventions to reconceptualize recipe’s into Flexipe’s. The first large-scale, longitudinal study on the challenge resulted in a 30% reduction on household food waste.

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The Value of Behaviorally Informed Financial Advice Study

BEworks and Manulife Investment Management partnered on a study to understand how to encourage more people to seek and follow professional financial advice and achieve better outcomes.

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A Behavioral Lens to Credit in the New Normal

In this report our team identified 5 important trends of credit in the new normal that will offer a crucial tool for institutions seeking to develop a more effective understanding of financial decision-making amongst their stakeholders and clients.

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Case Studies

Explore BEworks’ thought-provoking case studies from the front lines of Behavioral Science

Driving Change in Investment Disclosure Practices

How BEworks applied Behavioral Economics to enhance investment fee and performance reporting


Improving Time-of-Use Compliance for Energy Consumption

How BEworks leveraged energy bills as a channel for leveraging Behavioral Economics to improve Time-of-Use compliance in a large scale field study


In-Context™ Method for New Retail Products

How BEworks measured real purchase behavior prior to a product’s release in stores


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