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We harness the power of Behavioral Economics to solve your toughest challenges

BEworks is the world’s first commercial consulting team dedicated to the application of Behavioral Economics to real-world challenges.

Why We Embrace Scientific Thinking

At BEworks, we go beyond providing business strategies by applying the scientific method to provide evidence-based results.

Case Studies

Explore BEworks’ thought-provoking case studies from the front lines of Behavioral Science

Driving Change in Investment Disclosure Practices

How BEworks applied Behavioral Economics to enhance investment fee and performance reporting


Improving Time-of-Use Compliance for Energy Consumption

How BEworks leveraged energy bills as a channel for leveraging Behavioral Economics to improve Time-of-Use compliance in a large scale field study


In-Context™ Method for New Retail Products

How BEworks measured real purchase behavior prior to a product’s release in stores


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