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Solving Patient Care Challenges Using a Psychological Approach

by BEworks


In this interview Dan Ariely and Ada Lê talk about the biggest psychological barriers in today’s healthcare system.

The Perils and Promises of Wearables from a Behavioral Perspective

by Kelly Peters


Do wearables really work to help us make positive behavior changes?

How the Defaults Used to Drive Binge Viewing are Saving Lives

by BEworks


Defaults are all around us - from Netflix to Amazon. They can also be used to in healthcare, to prevent health problems and to improve treatment success.

Solving For Overprescribed Antibiotics Using BE

by BEworks


How can we use behavioral science to reduce over-prescription of antibiotics and improve doctor prescription decisions overall?

How Do We Nudge Patients to Follow Through with Appointments?

by Leigh Christopher


How can we help patients make their appointments to get the care they need faster?

Five Behavioral Strategies to Shift from Reactive to Preventative Health

by Leigh Christopher, Ada Lê


Drawing on insights from behavioral science, we provide 5 strategies to help us shift from reactive to preventative health practices.

The Fear Factor in Patient Healthcare Adoption

by Laura Turbay


Increasing the adoption of new and proven healthcare treatments by overcoming the emotional barriers of fear and disgust.

The Future of Work: a Race Towards Social Connection

by Laura Turbay


We explore ways in which workplaces can foster meaningful social connections to combat the prevalent issue of workplace loneliness.

How Can We Help People Incorporate Life and Wellness Changes into Their Treatment Plans?

by Matthias Berkes, PhD


We delve into the research that explores how we can assist individuals in integrating lifestyle and wellness changes into their healthcare plans.

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