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Getting the Most Out of Your AI Investments: Supporting Employee Adoption of AI Tools

by Shelbie Sutherland - 2024-04-10

Organizations around the world are increasingly turning to AI tools to enhance productivity and improve the overall employee experience. From automating repetitive tasks to providing valuable insights from data, AI holds the promise of transforming how we work. However, the successful implementation of AI in the workplace requires more than just investing in cutting-edge technology. It also requires a thoughtful approach to supporting employees in using these tools effectively.

The Challenge

A key challenge that organizations face when implementing AI tools is ensuring that employees embrace and effectively use these new technologies. People are increasingly concerned about artificial intelligence use for daily tasks, especially when it comes to privacy. Such concerns will likely translate into challenges in getting employees to use AI tools in their work. Furthermore, researchers have found that AI can hurt performanceand lead employees astray if not used appropriately. Therefore, organizations will need to be proactive when implementing AI tools in employees’ workflow to ensure their investment in AI serves its purpose. 

The Solution

To successfully overcome the above challenge, organizations need to understand their employees’:

  1. Values: What matters to your team? 
  2. Beliefs: How does your team view AI? 
  3. Expectations: What does your team hope to achieve with AI?

And, organizations need to know whether the answers to the questions above differ across roles?

BEworks has developed an AI Adoption Index powered by an understanding of human decision-making to provide organizations with actionable insights to align their AI roll-out strategy and materials with their team’s values, beliefs, and expectations. 

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The insights we provide can inform your:

  1. Communications: Clearly communicate the rollout of AI tools in a way that fits with employee’s values, beliefs, and expectations to alleviate their specific concerns and see a connection between the tool and their goals. 
  2. Training: Meet employees where they are by directly showing them how to experience the value of the tools. 
  3. Improvements: Show employees how you are addressing their concerns and goals, and fine-tune how you are supporting them. 

By using our AI Adoption Index to inform your roll-out strategy through communication, training, and improvements that align with the current state of your workforce, you are setting yourself up for success. Such a proactive approach to supporting employee adoption of AI tools helps to ensure everyone can reap the benefits of the investment.

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