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What we Do

Products and Services


The BEworks Method

With the BEworks Method, our team will design, test, and implement solutions to your business and policy challenges by leveraging behavioral insights and the scientific method, resulting in empirical evidence of the impact of our solutions.


Behavioral Science Insights

BEworks will take on a research initiative to help you understand your clients better using a non-focus group, non-segmentation approach to understanding the psychology of decision making and behaviors.


BE for your Organization

Are you looking to apply Behavioral Science in your own organization? BEworks can help train your team, creating a culture of innovation and providing the tools for testing your ideas through experimentation.

Training and Education

BEworks Academy

The BEworks Academy is the perfect opportunity to bring BE to your organizational culture courtesy of PhD-educated practitioners with a wealth of experience applying BE to real-world challenges. Get your first taste a one to three day session of lectures and interactive formats to introduce your audience to BE and its fundamental concepts.

Optimized Recruitment


BEworks can manage the hiring process for your organization with our proprietary software, providing validated candidates who are qualified for the role and fit for your team.

How We’re Different

We’re unlike anyone else. Here’s why:

We’re Experts in Behavioral Science

The BEworks team primarily consists of behavioral experts with advanced degrees in psychology, economics, and neuroscience. The team is well-respected in the academic community because of our strong commitment to scientific standards.

We have a Rich Repository of Proprietary BE Insights

With almost a decade of corporate work and 100’s of studies on real consumers, we have generated our own proprietary BE insights unparalleled by other firms and academics.

The BEworks Method: A Powerful Framework from Theory to Action

The BEworks Method™ is a proprietary framework that integrates best practices from the scientific method with project management, management consulting, and design. Our method uses the latest insights from Behavioral Science to develop scientifically sound strategies, then validates recommendations through empirically sound experiments.

Our Approach

The BEworks Method™ challenges assumptions about how people make decisions and provides a more realistic understanding of why people do what they do, and what to do about it.

Our Aproach


“We launched an international search for a firm with the capabilities of BEworks. Their team’s unparalleled skillset, thoughtful analysis, and creative insights have paid big dividends.”

Brett McCracken (CMO of U.S. Mortgage Lender)

“One of the smartest consultants in the world…BEworks is to BE what e.g., SKP is to pricing.”

Dr. Matthias Maslaton (Management Board, ARAG)

“It was an exhilarating experience to work with the BEworks team—I would heartily recommend them, especially for fresh thinking when you feel stuck and need a new perspective to unleash new possibilities.”

Margaret Eaton (Executive Director, TRIEC)

Working With Us

Companies often expect consumers to engage deeply and consider all options before making a decision, in turn leading to strategies that attempt to rationally persuade customers. Such approaches fall short, because as Behavioral Economics research shows, people are predictably irrational and often make decisions without spending much time or energy. BEworks understands how people make decisions, and in turn can help your business develop, and empirically test, strategies that reflect these realities to solve your biggest challenges.

Make an impact with your free 30-minute BE strategy session

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How BEworks developed interventions that maximized conversion rates without impacting customer satisfaction.


Increasing In-Class Attendance among Adult Learners

How BEworks produced behaviorally-informed emails and text messages that actually worked.


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Discover BEworks’ answer and how leveraging direct mail interventions can help.


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