A Marketer’s Guide to Behavioral Segmentation

For the first time ever, BEworks is sharing its science-backed strategies for behavioral marketing segmentation. What was once a client-only strategy guide for brands such as TD Bank, Clinique, and Budweiser, is now open to the public, to aid in the precise identification of your target population based on the behavioral and psychological factors that actually drive consumer behavior.

Traditional segmentation often falls prey to stereotypes and biases present in consumer self-reporting and demographic segmentation. Using a behavioral approach backed by scientific research and social psychology, we reveal consumers true, unique preferences and intentions.


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Key Benefits

  • Identify your target population according to actual consumer behavior
  • Tailor your marketing strategy to reflect consumer preferences
  • Enhance your product messaging by delivering on consumers true wants and needs
  • Improve your customer experience based on actual purchase intention
  • See case study examples of successful Behavioral Segmentation by BEworks with top brands: Google and Alectra Utilities
  • Get started today, with a step-by-step questionnaire on Behavioral Segmentation

About BEworks

BEworks is the world’s leading behavioral change firm. The firm distinguishes itself with its rigorous commitment to evidence-based insights and cutting-edge scientific methods. All of its practitioners are accomplished researchers, hold advanced graduate degrees, and have extensive experience in applying BE to complex strategic, marketing, operational, and policy challenges.