Behavioral Science in Customer Acquisition & Retention

Customer acquisition and retention strategies are often built to meet what customers say they need, want, or plan to do. This works some of the time but often the impact is short-lived. Why don’t the so-called “traditional approaches” work 100% of the time? What is the gap, and how can we close it? Customer preferences and intentions are often poor predictors of customer behaviors. People often do not know what they need and are influenced by many factors ‘in the moment’, and so they act differently than they expect.


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Key takeaways

  • Explore the hidden drivers of customer behavior beneath what people say
  • Develop solutions that customers do even realize they need
  • Make a significant and sustained impact on the customer life cycle with behavioral solutions
  • Gain a better understanding of why a customer might not want to purchase a product or switch to a competitor

About BEworks

BEworks is the world’s leading behavioral change firm. The firm distinguishes itself with its rigorous commitment to evidence-based insights and cutting-edge scientific methods. All of its practitioners are accomplished researchers, hold advanced graduate degrees, and have extensive experience in applying BE to complex strategic, marketing, operational, and policy challenges.

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