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October 13, 2021
The market share of investors in Mexico is incredibly low

The world of investing is complex and abstract for most people. We place our money in the hands of investment advisors or take on the task ourselves hoping our choices will lead to a better financial future, but our own decision-making biases can be costing us a richer future.

Learn about what investment institutions and advisors can do to prevent the common traps of investment biases from impacting their clients in the recent talk at AMIB by Kelly Peters, CEO and Co-Founder, BEworks.

September 20, 2021
Can Canada compete with some of the world’s largest economies?

Despite being the 6th largest investor in longevity advancements globally, the 2019 Fraser Institute Study found that Canada is lagging behind in innovation.

Kelly Peters, CEO and Co-Founder, BEworks and David Lewis, President of Research Institute, BEworks weigh in on how traditional ways of analyzing the market, using simplistic age-based demographic segmentation, are holding us back from “seeing the light”.

Read about why we believe that traditional market analysis, like demographic segmentation, is outdated, biased, and frankly, mis-informed.

August 3, 2021
Your home could be worth nearly $5,000 more if you make this one small tweak

Can you guess which paint color will increase the value of a home for sale down to the exact room in the house?

Our team of behavioral scientists worked with Zillow‘s Behavioral Science team to get the answer. This color could increase the value of a home by almost $5,000.

Our work with Zillow is a great example of the power of curiosity and science coming together to leave intuition at the door. Uncover the hidden forces that influence decisions at your company. What questions are being left unanswered in your field?

Read more about our work in the latest article by Fast Company.

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