BEworks Summit 2021

Tony Chapman, Radio and Podcast Host

Kelly Peters, Former CEO and Co-Founder, BEworks

Dr. Nate Barr, Scientific Advisor, BEworks

Michael Birkin, CEO, kyu Collective

Dr. David Pizarro, Chief Science Officer, BEworks

Dr. Angela Cooper, Associate, BEworks

Dr. Sarah Carpentier, Associate, BEworks

Dr. Shelbie Sutherland, Associate, BEworks

Dr. Shannon O'Malley, Director of BEworks Academy

Dr. Pierre-Jean Male, Associate, BEworks

Dr. Ada Le, Vice President, BEworks

Dr. David Lewis, President of Research Institute, BEworks

Dr. Michelle Hilscher, Vice President, BEworks

  • 2021-10-05
  • 11-3pm
  • Webinar

Around the globe, organizations are at an inflection point: whether evaluating business direction, rethinking how to engage the workforce, or looking for new ways to meet consumer or citizen needs. To shape where we go next as a society and economy, leaders will need to go beyond just collecting data to inform decisions to truly understanding the science of human behavior. Today’s effective leaders not only understand the motivations of their teams, clients and community, they use behavioral insights to guide those stakeholders to make wiser decisions.

In Shaping the Future Using the Science of Behavior, BEworks brings you a one-day, immersive online summit with tools and insights from Behavioral Economics to help you maximize the rewards and mitigate the risks in your organizational decision-making.

The Summit will illuminate the latest scientific insights and methods being applied at the corporate, employee, and consumer level with a combination of keynote talks, lighting presentations, and panel discussions. Hosted by renowned radio and podcast host Tony Chapman, our inaugural digital Summit features engaging talks by applied science pioneer Kelly Peters and legendary researcher and TED talk favorite Dan Ariely, plus more.

From harnessing innovation to overcoming adoption barriers, learn from the world’s leading Behavioral Economics firm how global companies and progressive governments are applying behavioral insights to drive effective change. Shaping the Future Using the Science of Behavior will challenge your intuition, transform your thinking and leave you with actionable behavioral insights to elevate your performance.

Join organizations like Unilever, Pepsi, Georgia Pacific, IBM, TD Bank, Citi Ventures, Conagra, Zillow, and many more emerging leaders in the application of Behavioral Economics. 

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