In Shaping the Future Using the Science of Behavior, BEworks brings you a half-day, immersive online summit with tools and insights from Behavioral Economics to help you maximize the rewards and mitigate the risks in your organizational decision-making.

From harnessing innovation to overcoming adoption barriers, learn from the world’s leading Behavioral Economics firm how global companies and progressive governments are applying behavioral insights to drive effective change. Shaping the Future Using the Science of Behavior will challenge your intuition, transform your thinking and leave you with actionable behavioral insights to elevate your performance.

About the Host: BEworks

BEworks is the world’s leading behavioral change firm. The team is dedicated to helping global leaders unlock growth and stakeholder value through cutting-edge insights from behavioral economics, data, and rigorous scientific methods.
Our goal when we launched BEworks over a decade ago was the same as it is today: to serve as pioneers in the field of behavioral science. Carefully applied, this discipline can unlock consumer’s needs, motivate teams with purpose, and empower leaders to drive with aspiration. The firm distinguishes itself with its rigorous commitment to evidence-based insights and cutting-edge scientific methods. Today, BEworks has the world’s largest team of experts in behavioral science. All our practitioners are accomplished researchers, hold advanced graduate degrees, and have extensive experience in applying BE to complex strategic, marketing, operational, and policy challenges. Our global consultancy, training academy, and research institute are headquartered in Toronto, Canada and supports firms and government agencies throughout North America, LATAM, EU, and Japan.

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