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BEworks CAR Report: Leading with Aspiration

by BEworks - 2021-01-28

Last week marked the release of our 2021 Choice Architecture Report –BEworks’ flagship anthology of the year. Packed with essays, scientific references, and stories from industry leaders who have teamed up with our behavioral scientists, our report aims to capture the essence of the most pressing issues facing today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. 

At the heart of this year’s report is the theme of aspiration.  

Never have we seen better evidence that it is time for leaders to move beyond traditional metrics of success and innovation, and to carve out their niche in a new, and more meaningful, form of capitalism. This past year, societies were ravaged by a pandemic, severe weather events, and protests spurred by persistent inequalities. We should not have to wait for further signs of trouble to understand that we urgently need to strive to build a better world - a point of particular importance to modern business leaders, given their unprecedented power to improve the lives of billions the world over. 

In honor of this year’s aspirational sentiments, we celebrated the launch of our report in true BEworks fashion. Our virtual event brought together industry leaders and scientific thinkers from across the globe to contemplate the ways in which leaders might start truly rethinking what it means to be successful. 

Behavioral scholar and BEworks  CEO Kelly Peters kicked off the session by exploring the ways in which the scientific method has been helping businesses solve their most complex problems.  

But looking at the incredible achievements of science applied to industrial settings, Kelly can’t help but feel that something is lacking. And that is a bigger understanding of why businesses make choices the way they do and to what end they pursue their strategies. Kelly believes that behavioral economics can blaze the path towards that understanding. 

Skip ahead to 8.50 min. to hear Kelly’s vision of a business future where innovation and a genuine sense of purpose are fused together to create aspiration – a way of seeing success that taps into the needs of the broader stakeholder community of each business. 

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