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Sustainability Event

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Creating Sustainability Initiatives that Drive Consumer Action

April 22nd, 2022, 12–1 pm EST

Why are some sustainability initiatives more impactful than others?

Register for our free, virtual event with Dr. David Thomson, PhD, Vice President, Strategy at BEworks and Dr. Angela Cooper, Senior Associate at BEworks, to learn how to create sustainability initiatives that drive real behavior change with consumers.

An opportunity for Q&A will be provided at the end of the webinar – so be sure have your questions ready!

Creating Sustainability Initiatives that Drive Consumer Action

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Our speakers will detail the importance of leveraging behavioral science and conducting real-world testing with consumers to enable behavior change at scale, and ultimately create sustainability initiatives that will have meaningful impact.


During this event you’ll learn:


  • The psychological barriers that prevent consumers from adopting eco-friendly products and habits

  • A case study example of Hellmann’s food waste reduction initiative and how we drove behavior change through real-world testing

  • How to overcome these barriers to change with behavioral science

  • David Thomson, PhD, Vice President, Strategy, BEworks

    Dave holds a PhD in Experimental Cognitive Psychology from McMaster University. At BEworks, Dave oversees large behavior change projects aimed at driving sustainable behaviors among consumers, citizens, and employees. In overseeing the sustainability portfolio at BEworks, Dave helps companies and governments create and validate behavior change programs that are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by focusing on the psychological barriers to the adoption of sustainable behaviors.

    David Thomson, PhD | LinkedIn

  • Angela Cooper, PhD, Senior Associate, BEworks

    Angela holds a PhD in Linguistics from Northwestern University in Chicago, which was supported by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowship.  At BEworks, she leads the Discovery and Behavioral Diagnostics teams, which help to uncover the psychological barriers to behavior change. She has led numerous projects across multiple domains, including a multi-year initiative to develop and validate a behavior change program aimed at reducing household food waste.

    Angela Cooper, PhD | LinkedIn

About BEworks

BEworks is the world’s leading behavioral change firm. The firm distinguishes itself with its rigorous commitment to evidence-based insights and cutting-edge scientific methods. All of its practitioners are accomplished researchers, hold advanced graduate degrees, and have extensive experience in applying BE to complex strategic, marketing, operational, and policy challenges.