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Financial Wellness: The Most Valuable and Least Understood Employee Benefit

2023-06-01 | 12pm EST

Connecting your employees to financial wellness programs makes good business sense. Because financial stress can have multiple effects on your organization. Join this dynamic panel on June 1st at 12pm ET to learn how your employees' financial wellness can help your bottom line.

Webinar - How can workplaces better encourage social connection and belonging?

2023-04-27 | 11:30-12pm

We'll discuss the science behind loneliness and how behavioral design can help us build better workplaces. To combat this, we need to do more than simply increase face-to-face interactions. We need to design a future of work that supports deep, meaningful human connections.

Webinar - Helping consumers manage debt with behavioral science

2022-11-30 | 12:00 - 12:30 PM

Improving Client Outcomes: The Role of Behavioral Finance

2022-11-16 | 12pm

Hosted by Canadian Securities Institute, Shannon will discuss how psychological factors influence clients' financial decisions and practical applications advisors can use to better guide their clients.

Code blue! Can behavioral science resuscitate our failing healthcare

2022-10-18 | 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

How do we fully put humans at the center of healthcare? Over the last 3 years, the pandemic has shown how truly broken our healthcare system is. But more than ever, patients and healthcare providers alike are ready for change.

AMIB Convencion Bursatil

2022-10-05 | 10:00 am

What psychological factors influence financial decisions? What behavioral economics tools can investors, advisors, and institutions use to make better financial decisions in uncertain times?

Communications Symposium 2022

2022-10-05 | All Day

Dr. Sarah M. Carpentier, Senior Strategist at BEworks, will present insights on the psychology of marketing and communicating with customers on sensitive topics

12th Annual Zero Waste Conference, Vancouver

2022-09-29 | All Day

It is no secret that understanding your audience's mindset is essential for effective marketing.

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