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Code blue! Can behavioral science resuscitate our failing healthcare

2022-10-18 | 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

How do we fully put humans at the center of healthcare? Over the last 3 years, the pandemic has shown how truly broken our healthcare system is. But more than ever, patients and healthcare providers alike are ready for change.

AMIB Convencion Bursatil

2022-10-05 | 10:00 am

What psychological factors influence financial decisions? What behavioral economics tools can investors, advisors, and institutions use to make better financial decisions in uncertain times?

Communications Symposium 2022

2022-10-05 | All Day

Dr. Sarah M. Carpentier, Senior Strategist at BEworks, will present insights on the psychology of marketing and communicating with customers on sensitive topics

12th Annual Zero Waste Conference, Vancouver

2022-09-29 | All Day

It is no secret that understanding your audience's mindset is essential for effective marketing.

C2 Montréal | Greening Consumption: What the data says about consumer behavioral and sustainability.

2022-09-27 | 10:45-12:05

Greening Consumption: What the data says about consumer behavioral and sustainability. Conversation with Solitaire Townsend (Futerra) and Wardah Malik (BEworks) moderated by Joey Hanna.

Future of Pharma Marketing Summit

2022-09-15 | 10:45-12:05

It is no secret that in order to market well to your audience, you need to understand their mindset. Marketing is psychology.

Humans Interacting with Humans: Reframing the Unexpected

2022-06-27 | 7pm - 9pm

First impressions are not created in a vacuum - we enter every encounter with expectations. 

Creating Sustainability Initiatives that Drive Consumer Action

2022-04-22 | 12-1pm

Why are some sustainability initiatives more impactful than others?

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