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Our Team

Kelly Peters, MBA

CEO & Co-Founder

Dan Ariely, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Behavioral Scientist

Nina Mazar, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Advisor

David Pizarro, PhD

Chief Science Officer

David Lewis, PhD, MBA, CFA

President of Research Institute

Wardah Malik

Chief Marketing Officer

Sean Donnelly, BA, MA

VP of Growth

Michelle Hilscher, PhD, MA, BSc

Vice President of Strategy

David Thomson, PhD, BA

Vice President

Ada Lê, PhD

Vice President of Strategy

Kazunaga Matsuki, PhD

VP Experimentation & Choice Architecture, Regional Director-Japan

Shannon O’Malley, PhD

Director of BE Academy

Heather Tay, MBA

Executive Advisor - BEworks Academy

Miles Atwell, MBA, BSc

Business Strategist, Corporate Strategy

Juan Camilo Salcedo, PhD

Practice & Growth Lead, LATAM

Adalberto Palma

Executive Advisor: LATAM

Nathaniel Barr, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Sarah Carpentier, PhD, MA, BA

Senior Associate

Pierre-Jean Malé, PhD, MSc

Senior Associate

Angela Cooper, PhD, BA, MA

Senior Associate

Shelbie Sutherland, PhD, MA, BA

Senior Associate

Erick Roat, PhD, MA, BA

Senior Associate

Julia Van de Vondervoot, PhD, BA


Leigh Christopher, PhD


Mona Zhu, PhD


Tien Nguyen, MBA, ACCA

Director of Finance & Strategy

Sydney Fajardo, BSc

PMO Manager

Jacob Peck, MBA, BBA

Director of Innovation and Practice Operations

Brian Kim

PMO Manager

Steven Doan, MSc

Senior Analyst, Finance and Operations

Aldo Martinez, BA

Business Analyst

Katrina Teimouarabdi

Design Manager

Fernando Heffner, BA

Graphic Designer

Jovana Todorovic

Junior Graphic Designer

Joylin Pinto

Marketing Operations Manager

Sophie Zhao, MA

Sales Analyst

Sheila Cardenas

Community Lead

Stacey Feldman

Executive Assistant to the CEO & Co-Founder

Bart Piekarski, RN

Research Associate

Laura Turbay, BS

Marketing Research Intern