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About Us

BEworks is a purpose-driven company whose goal is to transform society and the economy through scientific thinking.

We believe that the power of scientific thinking is within each of us: through our curiosity and the desire to answer the big questions like “why?”, the skeptical ones like “how do you know?”, and the aspirational ones like “what if?”

CEO’s Philosophy

The science of human behavior, applied and executed as the foundation to business strategy, is essential to steering organizations and society towards a more prosperous future.  

BEworks is poised to help organizations understand the whole-human – the way we think and behave; the fundamentals that drive us, inspire us or enrage us. We are positioned to use this knowledge to develop better solutions to the problems that plague us.  

But a deep understanding of human behavior is not enough to change it. The success of our ambition will rely on the creative execution of the scientific principles across channels – technological and physical. While the challenges we face are immense- so too is the potential of behavioral economics in solving them.  

BEworks has built a highly specialized team of experts in understanding the whole-human. We are experts in illuminating the unseen drivers of everyday decisions and we use these insights to generate counterintuitive solutions to age-old problems using behavioral science as our foundation.  

Our mission is to become the world’s most sought-after company in the pursuit of understanding and changing human behavior for the better. We aim to do this by applying behavioral science to build life changing solutions that make people wealthier, healthier, and greener, and helps leaders solve their greatest organizational challenges.  


Wardah Malik


David Lewis, PhD, MBA, CFA

President of Research Institute

Our Partners

BEworks joined the kyu collective of companies in January 2017. The core of kyu’s purpose is harnessing creativity in order to propel the economy and society forward.

Joining kyu enables BEworks to partner with organizations that have also flourished because of their ground-breaking approaches to solving problems; they, too, share the same commitment to innovation and collaboration. Through kyu, BEworks has a remarkable opportunity to be even more ambitious in its pursuit of providing behavioral insights and scientific rigor in commercial and marketing decision-making.

Kyu is the strategic operating unit of Tokyo-based Hakuhodo DY Holdings, one of the leading creative groups in the world. BEworks is deeply aligned with and brings a scientific lens to Hakuhodo’s north star, the philosophy of “sei-katsu-sha”– an inspirational and human-centered belief that people should be recognized as rounded human beings and not just consumers. We join the current members of kyu, which includes IDEO, SYPartners, Sid Lee, Digital Kitchen, C2 International, and Red Peak Group. Each are celebrated creative firms and leaders in their respective fields.

BEworks Office

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