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About Us

BEworks is a purpose-driven company whose goal is to transform society and the economy through scientific thinking.

We believe that the power of scientific thinking is within each of us: through our curiosity and the desire to answer the big questions like “why?”, the skeptical ones like “how do you know?”, and the aspirational ones like “what if?”

Founder’s Philosophy

Strategy is empty…

I have come to this realization earnestly as one who for many years believed that strategy was a way of thinking, not a book of knowledge. But I must confess it has taken me this many years to make the shift from Cartesian a priori wisdom to a system that is built from the ground up. With hypothesis and evidence. Not theory and frameworks. I used to love those frameworks, stars and dogs, SWOTs, five forces. But I became frustrated with these tools that provided nothing more than empty abstractions. I worked with business units with incredible diversity in their products and services that were tasked with completing the same strategic templates and, perhaps not surprisingly, getting the same answers. This abstraction was too far removed from actual customers and what influences how they actually behave.

I have been through so many brainstorming sessions with professional facilitators, strategists, and design thinkers. Please indulge my heresy, but I have played this role in major companies for many years. I can argue that many of these approaches lack scientific method or knowledge. There was no content from cognitive or social psychology, biology, or neuroscience being used to inform the teams on how people actually make decisions. There were no behavioral diagnostics and nudges and choice architecture and certainly no experimentation. There was no standing on the shoulders of Simon, or Allport, or Stanovich and West, or Kahneman and Tversky, or Thaler, or Ariely.

And so here I am. Here we are.

Our philosophy is to change the old way of thinking and to bring the business world into an age of scientific enlightenment. At BEworks we are passionate about understanding why people make the decisions they do and in turn, influencing their behavior with nudges that have been empirically validated through experimentation. Armed with these powerful insights, businesses can innovatively and successfully tackle very complex challenges.

Our firm leverages the expertise of leading academics from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, economics, and marketing in combination with the experience of our business management experts. These skills are used to solve our clients’ most pressing challenges.

BEworks’ unique and science-driven methodology has been proven with measurable financial results. Our approach can be applied to drive acquisition, retention, product design, process optimization, pricing strategies, and more.

– Kelly Peters, CEO & Co-Founder


Our team is comprised of some of the world’s leading behavioral experts

Kelly Peters, MBA

CEO & Co-Founder

David Lewis, PhD, MBA, CFA

President of Research Institute

Our Partners

BEworks joined the kyu collective of companies in January 2017. The core of kyu’s purpose is harnessing creativity in order to propel the economy and society forward.

Joining kyu enables BEworks to partner with organizations that have also flourished because of their ground-breaking approaches to solving problems; they, too, share the same commitment to innovation and collaboration. Through kyu, BEworks has a remarkable opportunity to be even more ambitious in its pursuit of providing behavioral insights and scientific rigor in commercial and marketing decision-making.

Kyu is the strategic operating unit of Tokyo-based Hakuhodo DY Holdings, one of the leading creative groups in the world. BEworks is deeply aligned with and brings a scientific lens to Hakuhodo’s north star, the philosophy of “sei-katsu-sha”– an inspirational and human-centered belief that people should be recognized as rounded human beings and not just consumers. We join the current members of kyu, which includes IDEO, SYPartners, Sid Lee, Digital Kitchen, C2 International, and Red Peak Group. Each are celebrated creative firms and leaders in their respective fields.

BEworks Office

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