Behavioral Science applied to

Health and Wellness

Helping healthcare companies and organizations create a healthier future for all through the application of health and wellness management consulting. 


The choices we make impact our health and overall wellness.  Understanding how our behaviors can be shaped and changed is critical to any healthcare and wellness endeavor. 

We use our deep understanding of the human mind and behavior to dissect your challenges and build creative solutions that shift behaviors for the better. From helping people adopt new treatments and pathways to health, to helping patients adhere to preventative or treatment plans, we work with health tech, pharmaceutical, retail health, insurance, and other healthcare organizations to improve health outcomes for all.

Whether it be optimizing that which already exists or imagining that which is yet to come, we are ready to help people flourish and usher society into a new era of human-centered care.

Featured Capabilities

  • Increase adoption and adherence to treatments and care
    Identify the barriers and drivers of patient/physician adoption, and design interventions that promote behaviors that support treatment or prevention plans
  • Designing for behavior change
    Design communications and experiences that help people make better decisions that support long term health
  • Developing bespoke behavioral strategies
    Conduct scientific research to develop and implement healthcare initiatives with measurable impact, ensuring that goals of healthcare management go a long way
  • Enhancing Health Outcomes and Well-being
    Design interventions to foster sustainable habits that advance both physical and mental well-being

Healthcare and Wellness Leaders

Ada Le, PhDVice President, Strategy

Ada Le, PhD

Ada Le, PhDVice President, Strategy

Erick Roat, PhDAdvisor

Erick Roat, PhD

Erick Roat, PhDAdvisor

Strategic Partnerships

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