Foundations in
Behavioral Science

Your quick resource to foundational concepts in Behavioral Science and Behavioral Economics - from what it is, to how to apply these concepts in the wild.

What is behavioral science?

Behavioral science study human behavior – exploring why and when people engage (or disengage) in certain behaviors. It is a multidisciplinary field that explores how cognitive, emotional, social and contextual factors interact to influence behavior. 

One of the sub-disciplines often connected to Behavioral Science is Behavioral Economics. Researchers and practitioners in this field draw from psychology and Behavioral Science to understand and predict how people make decisions in an economic context.

At BEworks, we use our knowledge of how people make decisions, and what drives behavior, to design programs and initiatives that help people and companies thrive - whether it's saving more for retirement, making more environmentally friendly choices, or designing safer workspaces.

Key Behavioral Concepts

Loss Aversion

We are often more sensitive to losses than to gains


When an option or behavior is ‘Pre-selected’, while alternative options are still available


Non-conscious perception of information

Decoy effect

Adding an inferior alternative to a choice set to make another option look better by comparison

Endowment effect

Overvaluing what you possess

Hot vs. cold empathy gap

We often don't realize how much our current state influences our predictions for ourselves in the future

Mental accounting

Viewing money differently depending on the intended use or source

Social norms

The informal rules that govern behavior in groups and societies; behaviors that are seen as socially acceptable 

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