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Apply BE in 2020 – BEworks Executive Working Session

Uncovering Opportunities to Apply BE at your Organization


Organizations are excited about the potential of BE, but aren’t quite sure how and where to start. We work with leading organizations to embed Behavioral Economics into their biggest challenges.


Let us help you get the insight and clarity needed to align your challenges to behavioral objectives, create leadership buy-in, and identify impactful projects that can help bring BE to life within your organization.


Purpose of the BEworks Executive Working Session

The BEworks Executive Working Session will help you:

1. Introduce Behavioral Economics to key decision-makers in your organization

2. Identify big impact opportunities to apply BE in 2020

The output of this interactive session is a list of actionable BE projects and opportunities to be prioritized with your team.

The aim is to help your organization approach challenges in 2020 with a fresh lens grounded in the science
of human behavior.

How a strong first BE project can help your organization


Resolve Critical Business Issues such as address the direction on decisions that are very high risk


Resolve problems where other solutions have failed or stopped being effective


Unblock Organization Jams: A way to answer entrenched assumptions


Serve as a Demonstration Project with the intent of igniting organizational momentum through a high-profile project, quick wins, low-hanging fruit


Serve as a Learning Project to help internal resources become informed on the insights behavioral science and build out the required infrastructure on a “simpler” project


Provide a Differentiated Solution in a highly competitive / commodified product or service area

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What you will get from a BEworks Executive Working Session

BEworks Pre-Work

  • BEworks will conduct a 1-hour Stakeholder Interview to understand your strategic priorities in 2020


  • Issue a quick Survey to assess organizational readiness and experience in BE


  • Prepare relevant insights and cases based on our understanding of your strategic priorities

2-Hour In-Person Session

BE Primer to inspire connections to key challenges

  • The BEworks team will share their methodology, relevant case studies


  • The BEworks team will provide an overview of BE along with relevant industry examples and cases


Uncovering opportunities to apply BE

  • We collaboratively prioritize both high impact areas and specific behaviors to target as they relate to your objectives

Follow-Up and Deliverables

Actionable list of high impact BE projects

  • BEworks will prepare a formal document of all discussed ideas and help prioritize high impact initiatives


  • Following prioritization, BEworks will prepare a formal proposal of services for your review as requested

What other business leaders have to say:

“This reset my curiosity button, purged many of my unfounded assumptions and rekindled my fascination with the science of marketing.”

– Philippe Garneau, President
GWP Brand Engineering

“Working with the team at BEworks has been transformational. With 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, I have been given a new perspective on how to run my business and more importantly, how to help our customers”

– Catherine Millum, Head of Wealth Management
Manulife Investment Management

“We launched an international search for a firm with the capabilities of BEworks. Their team’s unparalleled skillset, thoughtful analysis, and creative insights have
paid big dividends.”

– Brett McCracken, CMO
U.S. Mortgage Lender

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