Behavioral Diagnostics Toolkit

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Mood Congruence

Does the feeling match the expression? This concept focuses on whether a person appears to be feeling they way they say, or are thought to be feeling. If a person’s expression of a particular mood matches the manner in which that mood is expressed, they are said to be ‘mood congruent’.

Misattribution of Affect

Smile wide!! The act of mistakenly associating a feeling to something or someone. For example, we may find movies more engaging and arousing after exercising because we misattribute the arousal from exercising (e.g., increased heart rate) to the movie.

Hot versus Cold States

ACT NOW! LIMITED TIME OFFER! Judgments and decisions vary significantly and systematically depending on the decision maker’s state of physical and emotional arousal. When a person is exposed to a stimulus that provokes an immediate response (positive or negative), they are said to be in a hot (irrational) state, whereas before (or long after) exposure to that stimulus, they find themselves in a cold (rational) state.

Durability Bias

Happily ever after! We overestimate the amount of the time that we will be affected by our feelings, despite the fact that we tend to quickly adjust to events in our environment.

Affect Heuristic

Follow your heart! Our feelings about something, or our general mood, can drive us to irrationally select or reject it. We are vulnerable to exploring things we like without fully appreciating our exposure to risk.