Our Services

Solving Organizational Challenges
with Scientific Evidence
Management Consulting

The bulk of what we do is solving strategic problems like acquisition, retention, engagement, product design, and process optimization for Global 1000 companies. So far we've tackled loyalty program design, designed a new insurance product, created and marketed a new pricing strategy for an IT company, and developed a new compensation plan for a sales team, among other price/product/process/promotion challenges spanning industries. In terms of what industries and projects, it boils down to this: if there is a specific behavior you are looking to create or influence, there is a possibility we may be able to help you.

We are typically hired by a CMO or his/her senior leadership executives ready to tackle challenges with our expertise; but we've also received work from the CEO, COO, and members of the Board with an intuition that "there has to be a better way." A CEO once called saying "it's like I've been banging my head on the same wall for five years. There must be a different approach." There is, and we helped. We like helping big companies, but we will also work with smaller companies too – if you have an interesting problem and/or interesting people passionate about the possibilities of behavioral science, let's see what we can do.

Behavioral Audits

Sometimes you want a second opinion. We won’t give the idea a “stamp of approval” (when you understand the scientific method, you’ll see why we don’t give opinions), but we will identify questions, challenge the assumptions, and outline considerations that may need to be resolved before going to market or making changes.

Consumer Insights / White Papers

A comprehensive research project delivered in written format, a White Paper may be the thing you need to get deep insights on a particular issue. Our team has extensive research skills and connections throughout academia, allowing us to plummet the depths of old and present research on psychology, marketing, and consumer behavior to help inform and educate your team.

Helping Your Organization Embed
Behavioral Economics into Your Culture
Creating an Experimentation Lab

This is a change management and strategic enabler exercise to create a scientifically rigorous experimentation culture and process. Innovation is best supported by an environment that allows for empirically-sound testing and learning. We can help you build the processes by which to employ the scientific method, allowing for concept testing, proper use of data gathering, and sound analysis. Ideal sponsorship of this work will be from a collaboration of the C-suite: the CEO needs to be hungry for innovation, the COO, needs to support the process, timing, cross-channel implications; and the CTO needs to be onboard to enable the data, infrastructure and development requirements. If you’re not the C-suite but want help getting them there, we can help you get the process started.

Staff Enablement / Workshops

There are a few ways we go about this. Either a half-day session or a full day session can provide your team with an introduction to Behavioral Economics. This would include the foundational theory e.g. understanding the metaphor of System 1 and System 2 thinking; selected biases that influence the decisions people make; the concept of choice architecture, and how to selectively influence the decisions people make; and finally, the importance of experimentation in the formulation and execution of strategy. In the longer session, we will spend time applying the concepts to a particular challenge as a method of “learning by doing.”

Staff Training

This is a post-project service we provide to teach teams about Behavioral Economics in order to help them in their every day interactions with consumers, to give them an empathetic lens, and to develop their own tactics to understand and respond to consumer decision-making. This is particularly useful for teams where we’ve implemented change in call centers, but also useful for sales teams and other groups with ongoing, frequent client-facing interactions.

Executive Advisory
In-house Speaking Advisory

We've participated in a number of closed-door discussions with Boards and leadership teams to introduce them to Behavioral Economics, answer questions about the discipline, and give guidance on how it might be used to address an organizational challenge. Not intended to be a sales pitch for BEworks per se, but rather a chance to establish a relationship with your company and we can take it from there.

Ongoing Support Advisory

Members of our leadership team may be willing to support your company in an Advisory capacity on your Board or other Advisory role. Please contact Kelly directly to discuss your needs at info@BEworks.com.